Coming Out

Now in all honestly, my coming out story is pretty boring. I have no reason why I waited until 21 to final come out because my family is the most open and supportive family anyone in the community could wish for and according to them, knew all along anyway.

So why did I wait? Well, I was scared, scared that I’d lose all my friends (straight males mostly), scared that my family might disown me (though I knew they wouldn’t), scared that my life would suddenly be exposed as a lie.

Now while I never pushed the idea of me with a woman, I also never shied away from it if someone asked, I even once had a girlfriend once. I always knew deep down I wasn’t straight, while my friends started getting interested in girls, I was more interested in watching Zac Efron in High School Musical. Coming to think of it, they must of all knew!

My biggest regret is not telling everyone at a young age, I had plantly of chances to say it and don’t get me wrong it came to a point were whenever I was alone with either one of my parents it would be the only thing on my mind, my brain would be screaming just say it but my lips would never move. I sometimes wish someone would have just said to me “I know you’re gay and it’s cool” but I know me better than anyone I would have denied it and ran further into the closet.

Anyway, I’m pretty gay now and it all worked out in the end.

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  1. I had a super similar experience. For my part, I tried to be quite dramatic but I think my dad just said “It will probably be cheaper”. Either way I’m pretty happy now 🙂

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