How I become a better Web Developer Every Day

Starting off in Web Development is a difficult time, especially nowadays when everything is moving so fast and new exciting ways to code are popping up left right and center! That’s why I believe it’s important to keep your toes and not to get too comfortable with what you already know, before you know it you’ll be left behind.

So how do I keep myself on my toes? Well, using a few techniques and listening to right people! here are three examples of what I do

  1. Back To Basics Day

    Once a month I set myself a simple challenge, something like, build a responsive navigation, create a 404 page or a CSS grid system (which I did a couple of weeks ago using Flexbox, check it out here). The only catch is that it has to be in pure HTML, CSS, and Javascript, that means no Pug, no Sass, and No Jquery. Now, this might seem pointless if I know how to create a navigation bar why do it again? The answer is simple, there might be a new better way of doing it since the last time I tried. So before I actually start typing any code, I will take a look at sites such as CSS-Tricks and Codepen, these sites allow me to look what is new and what the community have been doing for the last month. Then after my research, I code away, let me tell you, its a pain in the arse not using Precompilers but sometimes its good to go back to basics.

  2. Follow The Right People

    It’s important to know who the best people in your industry are if you follow and look up to amateurs, that’s all you will ever be, but if you follow and aspire to outdo the best then the sky is the limit. Some of the people I follow are;

  3. Work With People You Want To Be Like

    Okay, this one is a little hard to achieve, you never know who you are going to work for or with but trust me when I say when you find you’re working with the right people, you’ll see yourself grow a hundred times faster. I am lucky enough to be currently working with some of the best Web Developers in the industry who I have had the privilege to work under and next to, they have surprised me time and time again with their understanding of Web Development, lucky some of that knowledge has rubbed off on me. We also get to work with some amazing Quality Assurance, these people keep us on our toes, they won’t allow any sloppy bugs get through, we might argue over what is and what isn’t a bug but without them, I wouldn’t be learning how to code cleaner more functional code.




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